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Bulk SMS - High Quality, Low Cost

Send and receive text messages from your computer with our powerful web SMS system. Refreshingly simple, fast and very low cost – our Wholesale SMS service comes with secure tools to help make your text messages go further and produce more impressive results.

  • Direct Connectivity

    Analyze your traffic

    Get real time analytics through our dashboard, and check volume, cost and destinations - all broken down by carrier network, quality of delivery and success ratios.

  • User-friendly Interface

    Enjoy elastic capacity

    We have ultra-high throughput, allowing you to send up to 2.5 million messages per day - that's 30 a second - with virtually no upper limit.

  • Full-Secured & Reliable

    More Secure,low latency

    Normally an SMS goes through multiple hops before reaching its destination, so we building our own direct-to-carrier network to reduce latency.

  • Track SMS Statistics

    Bi-directional Unicode support

    We support Unicode for both outbound and inbound messaging to make sure your message is delivered just as you intended, in the language of your choice.

  • 24x7 Call/Email Support

    API & SMPP Integrations

    Our SMS API makes it easy to integrate SMS into your website or CRM system. A few simple lines of code is enough to send automated SMS alerts, notifications, marketing messages and more to your users.

  • Access from any Where

    Switch with Tech support

    Switch in seconds and get the full set of GSM capabilities, so no matter how specialized your needs are, we can support them.

Key Features

  • Minimize regulation hassles

    We manage all the regulatory requirements around the globe, so you don't have to spend time programmatically enforcing them for each country.

  • Manage costs

    Control your spend to expensive destinations through our Real Time Cost reconciliation to ensure you'll never run out of credits.

  • Receive delivery statuses

    We return detailed status information about messages being delivered so you can measure quality of delivery & performance. And if your message failed to deliver, we give you a detailed breakdown of why.

  • Automated Route Monitoring

    Azmobia automatic route monitoring system was built by our own in-house technicians which never your sms get failed.

  • Optional Routing Classes

    We offer that allow you to balance your desire for performance and cost.

  • Expert support-24x7

    We are here to help with world class around the clock support backed by an industry leading SLA. 

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Multiple Ways to Connect and Send Messages

    To send SMS messages you can use our online Web Tools or connect using one of our APIs. The Web Tools are available through our newly designed Customer Portal. Once you sign up you'll gain access to the portal. It's quick and easy to get up and running, you'll be sending messages to your customers in a matter of minutes.

  • Nothing Beats Direct Connections for Quality and Performance,  and We Have More Than Most

    We understand , that time is precious. Occasionally, you may need to send a message

  • Only pay for what you SMS Consume, nothing more.

We offer you the best quality of Services and highly Reliable Support

Track and manage your business from anywhere!

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