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Secure OTP SMS

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OTP infrastructure - 99.9* percent OTP WILL NOT FAIL

Use azmobia Secure Hybrid robust HTTP & XML API to deliver your one time passwords via Direct Connectivity With TIER-1 Telcos SMS within seconds

  • Generate OTP, Send OTP and verify Mobile. Track all reports

  • Easily Integrate our robust HTTP & XML API with All compatible Language

  • Imagine what happens when a One-Time-Password service fails!

  • Direct Connectivity

    Analyze your traffic

    Get real time analytics through our dashboard, and check volume, cost and destinations - all broken down by carrier network, quality of delivery and success ratios.

  • User-friendly Interface

    Enjoy elastic capacity

    We have ultra-high throughput, allowing you to send up to 2.5 million messages per day - that's 30 a second - with virtually no upper limit.

  • Full-Secured & Reliable

    More Secure,low latency

    Normally an SMS goes through multiple hops before reaching its destination, so we building our own direct-to-carrier network to reduce latency.

We offer you the best quality of Services and highly Reliable Support

Track and manage your business from anywhere!

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